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Protect yourself and your loved ones

India’s largest vaccination drive against COVID-19

Practo stands together with the government in its efforts to vaccinate a billion+ people, and you can help scale this initiative by joining us.

Let’s work together to get everyone vaccinated at the earliest 


Over 70% of working professionals in India are willing to get vaccinated through their employers*

Get your employees vaccinated today


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Help us get in touch with your society secretary

Your safety is our highest priority

Practo is one of the few healthcare companies trusted with the safety and well-being of all members of society. We want to simplify the vaccination process for everyone by procuring, storing, and administering COVISHIELD and COVAXIN.

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Authenticity: Vaccine directly sourced from the manufacturers

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Quality control: End-to-end cold storage to maintain efficacy

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Convenience: Book a slot suitable for you and your employees 

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24*7 support: We are a call away for your assistance

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Safety: Highest degree of precautions to be followed

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Compliance: Automatic upload of data to authorities

For any queries or assistance, please reach out to | +91-7010542668

Common after-effects of vaccine shots

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Pain and swelling where injected

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Joint or Muscle pain

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Have questions about getting vaccinated?

We have got your back

Our highly-rated doctors are available, 24/7

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