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Aiding India’s largest  vaccination drive  against COVID-19 

Over 70% of working professionals in India* are willing to get vaccinated through their employers

Practo stands together with the government in its efforts to vaccinate a billion+ people, and you can help scale this initiative by getting your employees vaccinated now.

Let’s safeguard your employees, workplace and even society residents

Practo has been one of the few healthcare companies trusted with the safety and well-being of your organization and its people. Apart from Corporates, Practo will also be expanding this program to housing societies, apartment complexes, and other such communities. We will procure, store, and administer COVISHIELD and COVAXIN to your employees.

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Authenticity: Vaccine directly sourced from the manufacturers

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Quality control: End-to-end cold storage to maintain efficacy

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Convenience: Book a slot suitable for you and your employees 

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24*7 support: We are a call away for your assistance

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Safety: Highest degree of precautions to be followed

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Compliance: Automatic upload of data to authorities

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Frequently asked questions

Who is the supplier for the COVID vaccination for Practo?

Practo is happy to communicate that we have been trusted (among the selected few private companies in India) by the Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech to procure and administer COVISHIELD™ and COVAXIN vaccine in India.

Is Practo licensed to conduct the COVID vaccination program?

Practo, under its fully owned subsidiary Practo Rx Services Private Limited, is licensed to sell, stock, exhibit or distribute drugs. (Please refer to Form 20B, Form 21B & GST Certificate)

What are the modes of engagement for the vaccination drive?

a. Vaccine drive at the office i. Based on the requirement and volume, Practo can set up a COVID vaccination program at the offices where employees can register and get vaccinated as per their schedule ii.The workplace needs to adhere to certain specifications in terms of capacity (waiting room, inoculation room and document verification room) iii. SOP for vaccine drive at the office will be shared by the Practo team
b. Vaccine drive at camps i. Practo can help set up camps where multiple organizations and their employees who have registered can avail COVID vaccination based on their schedule ii. These camps will not be exclusive to a single company but clubbed based on aggregate demand. This is preferable for corporates having an employee participation strength of less than 100 in a city c. At partner hospital and clinics i. Practo has partnered with multiple hospitals and clinics where pre-registered corporate employees can come down to their respective centres to get vaccinated as per their schedule. Please note - Inoculation at home is currently on-hold and awaiting clearance from the government.

What is the legal documentation required to engage with Practo for this drive?

a. Practo and the corporate will sign an MOU for the execution of the program b. As COVID vaccination is voluntary, corporates would need to get prior approval from the employees on the same. The employees will have to sign a self-declaration form that states that they are voluntarily getting vaccinated

How will the operations be conducted?

a. Practo will procure the vaccination from Serum Institute and store the same in its warehouse b. On the day of the inoculation, Practo will deliver the required quantity to the location in cold storage boxes, maintaining the temperature. c. At the centre, there will be separate rooms for registration, Inoculation and observation d. The inoculation will be done in batches with a minimum of 10 people in a span of 3-4hrs e. Once the inoculation is done, the employees will be put under observation for 30 minutes f. A doctor will be available on-site g. A first aid kit containing anti-allergies will be available at the camp h. Ambulance vans will be made available depending on the size of the registration pool for that particular day i. Nearest partner hospitals will be made available in case the issue needs serious medical attention j. Post the inoculation, the employees will be provided with 24*7 telemedicine and helpline support where they can reach out in case of any emergency

What is the capacity per day for the vaccination?

Practo has a capacity of 50,000 vaccination per day in the top 10 cities (5000 per day per city) and the capacity in the next 5 cities will be updated shortly.

What are the legalities involved in the terms of indemnification and liability in case of adverse events during the vaccination drive?

a. The indemnification will work similarly to the drug manufacturing and distribution scenario where the liability of the drug/vaccine lies with the manufacturer and any claims from the manufacturer with regard to the storing and distribution lies with the distributor, which in this case is Practo. b. However, multiple opinions are doing the rounds in this regard by the manufacturer and Practo. The same will be finalized before we enter the contractual stage, post-approval from the government c. Since this is a voluntary exercise, the liability can also lie with the employee while registering for the vaccination via an end-user agreement and the employer can act as a facilitator

How will the details be shared with the government portal?

The details would be updated on the government portals on a daily basis towards the end of working hours via Integrated API system/Bulk uploads

What is the minimum number of employees required per day for the vaccination drive?

Minimum participation of 70 employees per day per city is required to conduct the vaccination drive.

Can the employees extend this to their family members?

Yes. The same facility can be extended to corporate family members who are 18 years and above. Logistics and payment flows will have to be discussed on a per-client basis.

When is the second dose going to be administered?

a. The second dose will be administered after a gap of 28 days after the first dose b. Automated reminders will be sent to people who have registered for the process

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*Source: Survey conducted by Practo among 1.3Million+ professionals in 2021