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Pandemic or not,
Mental Well-Being is for all

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Talk to a psychologist and find the right therapy for you

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Rs.999  Rs.599

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Private and secure video consultations

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45 min sessions

Why talking to therapists is recommended?

Talking about your feelings is taking charge of your mental well-being. It is not a sign of weakness. Opening up to a trained professional will help you find answers to your problems and give you the confidence to cope with them.

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40% off

on single therapy session


Rs. 999   Rs. 599

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Therapy sessions:

Pack of two for 1 month

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Therapy sessions:

Pack of four for 3 months

Rs. 3996  Rs.1598

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20 Minutes of Daily Care to Keep Your Mental Health in Check

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Exercise or meditate to feel good, look good

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Dance to music to uplift your mood

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Write a gratitude journal to count your blessings

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Grow a garden to reap positivity

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Read a book to get inspired and motivated

Sleep well to rejuvenate and re-bounce

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can therapy help you?

Therapy is usually recommended when any form of mental illness or mental health problem affects the functioning of daily life. Therapy can help you open up to a trained professional or a therapist, without the fear of being judged. Therapy will allow you to identify what you are feeling and help find answers to your questions and problems.

How many sessions of therapy are needed?

Therapy can be of a single session to multiple sessions spread across a period of time. Some people find solutions in just one or two therapy sessions, while others might need continuous care and support for a few months to years in some cases.

What problems can talk therapy help you with?

Talk therapy or talking therapy (also known as psychotherapy) mainly focuses on the treatment of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction and bipolar disorder, Individuals may also seek talk therapy to for loneliness, panic attacks, frustration, social anxiety, mood swings, other emotional and mental stress-related problems, etc.

Are online therapy sessions effective?

Online therapy sessions have proved to be effective for many mental health problems. It is convenient for those who have limited access to one-on-one therapy sessions. They are effective for individuals who are afraid of the stigma around mental health and are more comfortable talking from their homes.

How long does a normal therapy session last for?

Most psychologists and therapists offer a 45 minutes session as a standard practice. Online video consultations with a psychologist on Practo is a 45 minutes session.

Will the information I provide to the psychologist during my online consultation be private and safe?

Any conversation with a psychologist or a psychiatrist has to be kept confidential and this is covered under the Mental Health Care Act 2017 in India. At Practo, the privacy of our patients is critical and thus we are compliant with safety industry standards like ISO 27001. Be assured that all your online therapy sessions on practo will be 100% private and be secured with 256-bit encryption.

How does online doctor consultation work on Practo?

Start an online consultation on Practo in just 4 simple steps:

  • Select your health concern
  • Connect with a specialist online in 60 seconds
  • Ask your queries via audio or video call
  • Access our online pharmacy & get a free follow-up chat

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