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Online Consultation connectivity issue for Jio mobile network users

Since the 3rd of September 2020, our users have been facing issues with loading their previous and current consultations within their Practo health app which has led to a disappointing experience for both our healthcare providers and consumers.


The reason for the failures is that the Jio network DNS is not able to resolve the firebase URL. Therefore, the issue is specific to users using Reliance Jio’s mobile internet. Users can either change to a different network or if they do not have the option of switching networks, users can perform the steps mentioned below to fix the issue.

How to troubleshoot the issue?

Android users can refer to the steps mentioned in this article (How to Change DNS Settings on Android Devices - WiFi and Cellular) to change the DNS configuration in their devices.

Similarly, to change the DNS configuration on Apple device, users can refer to the steps mentioned in this article (Change DNS on iPhone/iPad/iPod for WiFi and Cellular - 3G/4G/5G)

Let us know if there is any inconvenience further regarding the same and share the screenshot simultaneously. 

For any assistance, write to us at

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